Mixed Media

While not turning my back on traditional fabric arts completely (I continue to make and donate bed quilts to community organizations who assist women and children at risk), for the last several years I've been drawn more strongly to exploring new ways to combine textiles (or elements of textiles) with found objects in order to create 3-D assemblages.


From my dad I learned to appreciate, respect, and be curious about the natural world.  Observing and admiring birds' nests together, he and I marveled at how they could create what they did using only their feet and beaks.  Nests have since become a potent symbol for me of home, a place of safety and comfort.  

My Nest Series was created over a span of two years.  Nest I: Home was created as a way for me to deal with my worry about a family member.  Rather than spending hours consumed by futile anxiety, I was able to focus my thoughts and attention each day on my love for her as I quietly built a safe, cozy little space.

Having made one, I then decided to experiment with different materials and methods of construction.  Soon I had a whole series.

Mixed Media

After experimenting with wall quilts (the first step away from traditional bed quilts) I then moved even further away from two dimensional work and started playing with natural materials and found objects to create 3-D assemblages. 

With the Nest Series (using vintage spools, thread, yarn, and felt) I maintained a close connection to my foundation in textiles.  But although I still frequently incorporate some element of fabric arts in my pieces, the connection can be more tenuous.

These assemblages often have more of a story to them than do many of my other pieces.